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Build A Stronger Business with Ergonomic Tools For Assembly

ASI is the Southeast’s leading supplier of precision fastening and assembly technology. As your source for the latest in fastening and ergonomic tools for assembly, we provide solutions that help improve your manufacturing and production processes while protecting the health and safety of your employees. Whether you need industrial-bolting applications, torque measurement or large-scale assembly systems with integrated PLC control and feedback, ASI specializes in providing the information, hardware and installation that leading manufacturers need to become more efficient, productive and profitable.

We offer a comprehensive array of ergonomic tools for assembly, including:

  • Pneumatic tools
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Cordless tools
  • Manual tools
  • Electric tools

Keep Employees and Your Workplace Safe with ASI’s Ergonomic Tools

Our turnkey, engineering-focused approach to ergonomic tools is designed to keep your employees healthier and happier while streamlining the production process to enhance your speed, productivity and efficiency. Companies that incorporate ergonomics as part of their assembly process reduce their liability resulting from repetitive-motion injuries and workplace accidents, cut losses from material handling damage and lessen the environmental impact of their operations. Integrating ergonomics into your production process will also help your company retain valuable employees.

Allow us to help you gain efficiency in the manufacturing process.
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