Air Specialists, Inc.

Torque Assurance

ASI offers the best in class torque assurance products from the industry’s leading manufacturers.  Making sure you’re tightening to the required specification is important in achieving quality and limiting warranty recalls of finished product.  Understanding torque and having the equipment to give you that assurance is important.  ASI provides torque measurement equipment such as transducers, torque testers, and torque analyzers to make sure you’re fastening to the proper torque values.  Quality is key to a successful manufacturer and ASI’s variety of torque assurance products will help your production achieve that quality to be the best.

ASI’s selection of torque assurance products include:

  • Torque Testers
  • Torque Analyzers
  • Torque Test Stands
  • Torque Carts
  • Torque Transducers
  • Rundown Fixtures/Joint Simulators
  • Torque Data Management Software

ASI offers many of the leading brands of torque assurance products that manufacturers trust most, including:

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