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Hoists and Winches

Hoists work with overhead and workstation cranes to lift heavy, bulky loads vertically as directed by the operator. The lifting capacities of the hoists provided by ASI vary depending on how they’re constructed and the needs of the application. They’re typically used to lift, load and unload materials as part of integrated production and storage processes in manufacturing and warehousing operations in a wide variety of industries.

ASI offers a wide range of hoists and hoisting equipment including:

  • Air hoists
  • Electric hoists
  • Lever hoists
  • Chainfalls
  • Winches

Hoist Benefits:

  • Increase production
  • Reduce downtime
  • Protect employee health
  • Greater control and management of lifting operations
  • Custom built, superior to out of the box
Ingersol and Rand Hoist

Add Industrial Strength Lifting Capability

ASI can specify a wide range of durable, reliable hoists and winches to suit your needs and heavy-duty lifting applications. Move workpieces safely, efficiently and quickly with our broad selection of lifting mechanisms.

Our selection of industrial winches includes:

  • Electric winches
  • Air winches
  • Hydraulic winches
  • Hand winches
  • Lifting winches
  • Pulling winches
  • Capstans
Jeamar Winch

Solve Lifting, Pulling and Positioning Challenges with ASI’s Industrial Winches and Hoists

ASI will provide the design, installation and integration to fit your assembly and material handling applications. Need hoist repair or winch repair? Our full-time staff of technicians can also repair hoists and lifting equipment.

Our Leading Manufacturing Suppliers Include:

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